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Bajaj Dominar 400

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Issue: 100001027One person is selected to get the goods every time the person-time is reached.


"Naira Win" means that the user only pays NGN50 to exchange for a Naira Win coin, and then the service of "Naira Win" can be used by the coin.

After all the Naira Win numbers of each goods are assigned, one number will be calculated according to the rules of Naira Win. The user who holds the lucky number can get the goods directly.

Total demand: 6300
Remaining person-time: 6288
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  1 person-time = NGN100.  


Brand Name: Bajaj Dominar 400

Performance: A liquid cooled 373.3 CC DOHC engine which offers significantly higher 29.4KW [40 PS ] power and 35 Nm torque.

It propels the Dominar 400 from 0.00100km/h in just 7.1 second.

Styling: A graphic scheme inspired by themes of ‘Surgical Precision and contrasting finishes with piercing colour breaks. It has exciting and premium body colours, ‘Aurora Green’ and ‘Vine Black’, new upside down (USD) forks at front to make sport tourer form more imposing and new mirror design to give a bold & techno appeal to the front.

Control: Equipped with twin channel ABS and 320mm front disc brake complemented with radial calliper mounting to provide class leading braking performance and efficiency.

Comfort: The new 43mm upside down front forks, providing better handling and comfort along with powerful muscular look.

Twin Barrel Exhaust: Twin Barrel Exhaust for throaty exhaust note with heavy bass that will augment the sport tourer feel and imparts an imposing feel to bike.