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Naira Win is a platform that brings innovation to shopping experience by enabling people acquire product through chance, referral discount and outright purchase. The platform allows users purchase one or more N100 tickets for a selected item. After all tickets are sold, a winning number is drawn at random. Special item has a ticket price of N100 or more. Item will be awarded to the winning number.

Naira Win is a Lottery
For Example, a mobile phone with the cost prize of N200,000, divided into 2000 lottery tickets. After all 2000 tickets are sold, the system will then randomly generate the winning numbers, then the winner will be announced. This means you can purchase an IPhone for just N100 on the naira win platform.

Naira Win Platform offers  
•    a lot of amazing prizes ranging from smartphones, electronics, fashion, appliances and a lot more.  
•    a brand loyalty system which includes a rewards point system and ticket system, rewards point can be earned by purchasing tickets, user referral, social media sharing and daily login. Rewards points can be applied to purchase ticket. XX reward points=N100 ticket
•    The Naira Win Platform is designed to be user friendly in terms of simplicity, mobile friendly and can be accessed through a website and mobile application. The platform enables users to purchase, track, monitor all their lottery related activities and also provide an online customer service portal to handle user issues, questions and render assistance.
•    The Purchases Tickets are sold directly on the website which eliminates middlemen and third parties
Prizes are carefully select from premium brands to ensure customer satisfaction.
•    100% fairness and equitable: The entire lottery process is completely transparent for users, users are able to check the number of participants, the list of participants and the information of the winners at any time.
•    Naira Win offers free Delivery service.