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Terms and Conditions


1.    All the terms and conditions listed in this page shall together be referred to as "the Terms of Use". "User", "Customer “and “Winner”, "You" and "Your" refers to you, the person accessing the Service and accepting the Company's terms and conditions. Whenever the Customer uses the service such as to place a bet or to participate in any of the promotions offered, he agrees to be bound by the Terms of Use, including any amendment which may periodically take place.

2.    The Terms and Conditions represents the complete, final and exclusive agreement between the customer and the company that supersedes and merge all prior agreements, representation, and understanding.

3.    By using the service, the Customer confirms that he/she has reached the age of 18 or such legal age as he/she must have reached under the laws of Nigeria governing betting that are applicable to him/her. Irrespective of national regulations concerning the legal age, Vascom does not accept any users under the age of 18 (eighteen). Vascom reserves the right to verify any customer's statement of age and to exclude customers from its services, if there are any doubts regarding the attainment of the minimum age required. Any customer using our services, who is identified as underage, shall have all his winnings forfeited and his/her (betting) account (hereinafter referred to as the "Account") shall be blocked immediately.

4.    Naira Win does not warrant the constant availability and functionality of all or any products offered by Vascom. Vascom will not be held liable by the Customer for any damages, losses, costs, loss of profits or any other disadvantage a Customer may incur in connection with any disconnection from or the non-availability of any of the products offered by Vascom for whatever reason.

5.    Naira Win cannot be held liable in any case for any damage or loss caused directly or indirectly by the service or by its contents or by the contents provided by a third party, unless they are based on intentional or gross negligence.

6.    Naira Win shall not be liable if the Customer is unable to play a lottery game due to congestion on the company’s electronic communication media used for the purposes of playing games. 

7.    All indicated dates and times are based on Nigerian local time unless stipulated otherwise.  

8.Any exception to the existing Terms and conditions will be communicated in written form to the Customer. Any verbal statement made by company employees or affiliates will not be considered in case of a dispute.

9. The betting contract, as well as any other legal relationship between the Customer and the Company, for every circumstance not regulated by the Terms of Use, is subject to Nigerian laws.

10. The Terms and conditions can be changed at any time by Company at its own discretion without any prior notice to the customers. In any case, if any Customer considers any amendment carried out to be intolerable, the customer may cease playing games made available by company.  

11. It is the responsibility of a customer to ensure that he keeps his device and account for lottery safe at all times and ensure that the device and account does not fall into the hands of a third party.  

12. Any prize not claimed within 180 days of announcement of winning number shall be forfeited to the Company.

13.  A player can decide to cancel if he/she wishes to and would get a refund.

1.    The Winner of a product can choose between delivery or self-pick up for claiming the prize.  

2.    Delivery within Nigeria will be free. Overseas winner will have to pay for shipping cost should they choose delivery.  

3.    The Winner of the product is obliged to submit their delivery address to the system within 180 days or else be considered as forfeiting the prize. A re-draw for the prize will be hold using a different formula.  

4.    Vascom will dispatch the prize upon receiving the address of the winner.  

5.    For self-pick up, Winner will have to make a reservation to go to designated counters of Vascom to claim the prize within 180 days by phones or internet.  

6.    Only self-pick up is available for Certain large prizes (i.e. Cars).  

1. Winners should always check and ensure the prize delivered is in a good condition and free of any damages before signing the receipt bought by the Courier when receiving the prize. If the winner does not carefully check the prize, Vascom is not responsible for any of the dispute arising after the receipt.

2. Winners should contact the manufacturer directly for issues concerning the product’s quality and warranty.  

3. If the product is not delivered or returned correctly due to incorrect filling of delivery address or incorrect contact information etc., the additional costs and consequences are the responsibility of the winner.

4. If there is any delay in the delivery of goods due to irresistible natural causes such as earthquakes, floods, etc., Vascom is not responsible for the delay

5. If the prize has been signed for by the winner, it means that it is delivered correctly and there is no factor affecting the usage of it, Therefore, Vascom has the right to not accept the replacement application.  

When a Prize is not delivered within the stipulated time:  
1. Winner should ensure his/her Personal Information are correct, i.e. the Winner’s Address, Postal Code, Phone Number and Email Address.  

2. Winner should make sure the contact method is smooth and unobstructed during the delivery process. If winner is not reachable for more than 180 days, then Vascom will consider he/she has waived the product by default.