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FAQS General Information

1.    How do I register on Naira win?
Visit Naira win platform/website and click on ‘Register Now’ on the top right corner of the site. Fill in your correct details and submit it by clicking Register.

2.    Does it cost any money to register on Naira win?
NO, it is absolutely free to register

3.    Can I update my personal information after signing up on the platform?
Yes, you can update your personal details by providing the correct information.

4.    I have forgotten my Login Details; how can I retrieve them?

To retrieve your password, please click on “Forgot Password” next to the login area. If you have forgotten your username, contact us on support@nairawin.ng, Always note that your username is always your email or mobile number.

5.    Can I open more than one account on Naira win?
No, you can only open one Account on Naira win

A).  Purchase of Ticket
1.    How do I purchase a Ticket to play?
Purchase of Ticket is done by recharging through your mobile operators.  (Glo, Airtel, 9mobile and MTN) or by outright purchase via your bank.

2.    Can I purchase more than one ticket?
Yes, you can purchase one or more tickets.

3.    What are the minimum and maximum price of a ticket?
All purchase tickets price depends on the products up for bid.

B).  Play & Win  
1.    How do I play and win a product?
Click on the Beginner’s Guide on the home page on the naira win website to see the step to step guide on how to play.

2.    Can I Bid for a product twice?
Yes, you can bid for a product one and many more times.

3.    Can I win the same product twice?
Yes, if your lottery number is randomly selected.

4.    Where can I get access to my previous transactions?
You can access your previous transaction by clicking on the ‘My NairaWin’ icon on the right corner of the site, then click on ‘Account’

5.    Where can I see my bids?
You can access your past bids or bets on clicking on the ‘My NairaWin’ icon on the right corner of the site, then click on ‘Bet Record’

6.    How do I get my prize if I win?
All prizes won on the platform will be delivered to the winner address provided by the winner with no delivery cost involved.
Winners can also Pick Up their prizes.

C).  Delivery
1.    How much do I pay for delivery service?
Naira win Offers a free delivery service to all users as the same time winners can pick up their prizes.

2.    Where can I receive my order?
All orders will be delivered to the addresses provided by the users. Winners can also pick up their prizes. Prizes will be dispatched upon receiving the address of the winner.  

3.    How many days will it take for my prize to arrive?

Based on your location, customer care will let you know how long delivery will take.

However, Vascom will not be liable for any unforeseen delay caused by the courier company. 

4.    What is the delivery process?

The winner of the product can choose between delivery or self-pick up for claiming the prize.  

The winner of the product is obliged to submit their delivery address within 180 days upon winning. Prizes will be dispatched upon receiving the address of the winner.


NOTE: If the winner does not provide their delivery address within 180 days, the prize will be forfeited and a re-draw will be conducted upon seeking permission from the National Lottery Regulatory Commission.

For self-pick up, winner will have to make a reservation through the customer service portal to go to designated counters of Vascom to claim the prize within 180 days. 

D).  Extra Rewards
1.    How do I earn extra reward points?
Extra reward points can be earned by purchasing tickets, user referral, social media sharing and daily login.

2.    Can I use my extra reward points to purchase a ticket?
Rewards points can be applied to purchase ticket.

3.    Can I Play with my extra reward point?

Extra Reward Point can be used to purchase a ticket to play on the Naira Win platform.